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Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented reality is predominately being used in the gaming industry now. However, it has been gaining acceptance in the corporate world. Applications in healthcare, education, real estate, and military have been generating great interest. The potential to show a home to a distant buyer is a very exciting new tool for the real estate agent focused on selling that large property situated at the edge of town. Real estate will be able to not only show the property details but also and how the property developer should build out the ancillary facilities inside the development project. Education is experimenting with VR/AR to show students what different parts of the world look like and sound like. The military is using the new technologies to acquaint new recruits with that they will face on the battlefield. Corporations can utilize the same technology to onboard new employees-giving them an idea of what the job ahead will look, sound and feel like. Healthcare can use the technology to show a distant surgeon what a heart looks like in real time so that the physician treating the patient can get support and advice.

Automobile manufacturers like Ford and Audi are using AR for testing elements of the cars and to allow customers to customize the vehicles as part of the buying experience. They are also used in simulators to effectively train drivers and pilots. Many companies are also exploring AR/VR for marketing. This ensures the prospects learn more about their products and services. Carnival cruises are using this to show their prospects the cruise facilities, vacations and destinations, and make it easy for the companies to turn prospects to potential customers.

VR/AR presents great possibilities, limited only by our imagination, for use in so many areas of business. If you are contemplating building out a VR/AR capability to augment your marketing, sales or service departments, call us for a free evaluation of your project.