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DevOps is a methodology of bringing the development and operations teams together to architect solutions to pressing business requirements. The gains are significant, faster testing cycles, deployment is completed more quickly, and the end result is more reliable applications. Utilizing this approach organizations can reduce the total time to market. Additional advantages of implementing DevOps, will be great improved application performance, higher quality, faster time to market, and increased customer satisfaction.

There are many DevOps tools to perform activities like testing, deployment, development, application integration, configuration, and automation. There are more than one hundred tools as of mid-2018 to achieve these advantages. The true value of DevOps is having alternative tools to perform certain tasks, some have advantages over others. It is important therefore to have a partner who can work with you to build out the best of breed set of tools for your unique situation.

DevOps as a practice is being implemented by many organizations to gain the advantages just described. We are seeing experienced resources with Linux backgrounds who are moving to DevOps with some professional training. We have these resources, who have experience in solving the challenge of implementing DevOps in our clients’ environments.

Clients are looking for flexible and nimble partners who update their capabilities as quickly as new developments take place in this arena. If your organization is looking to explore or expand your DevOps efforts, call us we, can help.