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Cyber Security

Cyber security is at the top of the list of issues that IT leaders are concerned about in 2019. Most industry analysts are predicting a continuation of the frustration of consumers about the massive data breaches that so many household name companies have suffered. People are increasing their dependency on web and mobile applications. As a result, they expect their personal information to be kept private. People are using online services in almost every activity in day-to-day life from buying groceries, commuting to meeting people. With the advent of cloud storage increasing amounts of personal data is potentially vulnerable to bad actors who want to exploit the data for their own interests.

Increasing we are seeing not just individual actors or teams of actors who attempt to hack into a data base, but we are also seeing state actors ramping up their activities. A data breach is a possibility which means our data might be exposed. The Equifax incident in July 2017 was a breach where 143 million costumer’s financial data was compromised. The cost to Equifax measures in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Their reputation and corporate good will has taken a significant hit. Consumers have found unknown transactions and unknown accounts showing up on their credit report. Equifax and the Federal Trade Commission have spent considerable time and money instructing consumers on specific steps they should take to keep their information secure.

There have been many other well-known organizations who have suffered data breaches, many with devastating effects to the teams that failed to keep the data secure. Yet the demand for qualified partners to support you on your journey to a more secure environment has outpaced the resources available. We have the talent, the experience and the processes and tools necessary to address your security challenges. Contact us to get more secure about your security.