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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence deployments has been growing dramatically in the past two years. This is more than just a trend. Increasingly companies are using AI for many day to day machine human interactions. Even with the growth we have seen, many workers are skeptical that AI will replace jobs. Employers have a different view and 67% of companies surveyed believe AI will replace many service-oriented jobs where the transactions are not completed in face to face interactions. AI has already been introduced into financial institutions allowing for customer interactions to take place over the phone and online. These interactions are so realistic that most users arenít aware that they are dealing with a machine-based entity.

Google and Waze, as examples, use AI to constantly monitor a driversí progress and maps out alternative routes when traffic gets congested. In Facebook while posting photos, AI will suggest you tag friends in those photos by mapping their face to your friends list and offering up their Facebook pages. Also, if you searched for something or visit some topics of interest regularly Googlesí AI will populate on your wall with updates to that content. Chatbots used by financial, eCommerce and service-oriented companies are AI empowered. Uber and Lyft use AI to determine the price as per the demand and availability of the fleet around you. They also use AI to determine the time it will take for the driver to reach the customer.

Uber, Lyft and many other companies are also exploring another use of AI. Autonomous vehicles are generating a great deal of interest. There is a great deal of speculation that the use of AI will allow for FTL and LTL trucking firms to utilize autonomous vehicles to reliably transport loads from origination to destination.

The number of applications for operational and financial efficiencies is limited only by the imagination of corporate strategists and the available resources necessary to build pilot project, move the concept forward past pilot, and maintain/run the application for business use. If your organization is looking to deploy AI to solve your critical business imperatives, take advantage of our expertise and experience in this exciting new area and allow us to guide you through the process.